Thursday, 5 September 2013

handsome & gretyl

for my wedding in july, i was blessed with the amazing musical talents of dear friends from seattle. i met brett and gretyl several years ago at church...before they were even married and starting their musical magic together :) kinda special that my fiance also met them and fell in love with their music as well. 

when it came time to chose the music for the wedding, i had a very distinct idea of what i wanted: their song "sure" for my isle. but then i thought further, how COOL would it be to have them play it live? here's the thing tho, i knew that they were also about to have their first child, but i also knew it couldn't hurt to ask. well, they said yes, the date has passed, and everyone who attended said the wedding was beautiful, but the music MADE it. gretyl's voice is haunting and crystal clear, she really doesn't miss a beat. brett has an amazing talent for sound design and can play pretty much any instrument. together, they are handsome and gretyl and you should really give them a listen. you can buy their newest full length album here

SO blessed beyond belief for their gift of music on our special day.

here is a shot of handsome and gretyl from the wedding, taken by the lovely gillian stevens photography 

© gillian stevens photography

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