Monday, 25 February 2013


i am going to take this opportunity to brag about a little gluten free bakery near my work :) pikanik is full of friendly faces and delicious gluten free options. i am not living a gluten free lifestyle (although arguably, i should be, if i am honouring that naturapathic test i did once) it's just so convenient to eat the crap that most grocery stores offer, and even though there are more and more gluten free options out there, it still seems like more of a challenge to live that way.

on the days when i am too lazy to pack a lunch, i wander two doors down and indulge in a delicious lunch from pikanik. joanna, the owner, is always happy to see me and katrina, (whom i call the face of the operation) knows that i swear by their trader joe's earl grey. james, the amaaazing chef, is always there with a funny quip and an astonishing, bubbly personality for a chef, (anyone whose worked in a restaurant will know what i'm talking about) which can only be accounted for as a result of this most joyous and fun work place!

if you have not yet tried pikanik, it is time! their dinner rolls are so fluffy-soft, you can't even tell there's not a lick of gluten in 'em! and if you are ever so fortunate as to visit on a day when they offer their mac and cheese (features change daily) then you are in for a wild time. soups, sandwiches, muffins, cookies, loafs of bread and school lunches are a few of the other goodies they offer. i will leave you with a mouth watering picture of the aforementioned mac'n'cheese

chicken, pesto, green onions, and
tomatos on gluten-free flat bread
with spinach/raspberry balsamic

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

what spring brings

i am getting very excited for things to come. it is going to be an unbelievable year of change and adventure. i'm getting married in 143 days! (not that im counting :P) there is so much planning and organising that goes into one day and where most people would get overwhelmed, i embrace the challenge. i've been waiting for this my whole life and i can't wait to see it all come about. that and i have amazing people around me who offer their help and support. but that's not until july.

in the mean time, i must content myself with hard work, creative projects, date nights with my man, and quiet times with God. he is good, friends, he never gives us more than we can handle, and everything that happens to us is to teach us to rely on him. thank jesus that i don't have to do this life on my own.

spring is coming! it's a beautiful, sunny day out, full of promise and hope. there are fresh things coming my way in terms of blogging, among other things. on friday last week, i got together with my dear friend, jennifer bennett. together, we are organising our ambitions into one clear, concise idea for a collaborative blog. stay tuned :)

mad brainstorms

Thursday, 14 February 2013

52 things

my dad used to take me out to dinner on my birthday. he'd open the car door and give me a rose and say "this is how your future husband will treat you one day" he forgot to post script: OR ELSE.
but neither of us could have dreamt up the beautiful reality that would come my way all too soon. (even though the wait felt like a life time) i am so blessed by my man and i have 52 things to show it!
i hope your valentines day is full of true love, whether you've found the illusive one or not. it doesn't take much to show a little love to those around you. and it makes for a much happier day.

52 things is alot! :P

throwback! blondie and her love

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

valentines crafts

today at work, my boss showed up with a bag full of valentine goodies and pretty much said "go nuts!" what resulted was two hours of paper cutting, heart glue-ing and sparkles galore! i will take this opportunity to promote this little shop :) stella bleu is full of everything elegant and lovely. come and visit me sometime and we can ooh and awe at all the beautiful things together.

love is in the air <3

Sunday, 3 February 2013

date night

it as been an absolutely wonderful weekend. james and i both had friday-sunday off work so we got lots done! yesterday, we did an engagement photo shoot with a very talented photographer. gillian stevens is a visionary and her husband mark was the best assistant ever :)  it was such a perfect saturday. we drove though vancouver, stopping at stanley park for some shots before heading up to cypress mountain for some snowy ones! magical. please take a look at our photos and all of gillian's beautiful work here
today we had church at 11. james and i went early to save seats for my parents and youngest sister. today we had a new worship pastor trying things out; it was amazing. i am always so moved by music, as i will hopefully be able to share with you someday, so seeing this young guys passion for God and music was encouraging. i will definitely get involved if i can. 
we ended the night off with some home made pizza and date night, with steve carrell and tina fey. so funny! and there is actually some great advise for couples in there too!
back to work tomorrow! hopefully, in the slow times, i will find something that inspires me for my next post. have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

shrimp, pesto and feta cheesey pizza.