Sunday, 3 February 2013

date night

it as been an absolutely wonderful weekend. james and i both had friday-sunday off work so we got lots done! yesterday, we did an engagement photo shoot with a very talented photographer. gillian stevens is a visionary and her husband mark was the best assistant ever :)  it was such a perfect saturday. we drove though vancouver, stopping at stanley park for some shots before heading up to cypress mountain for some snowy ones! magical. please take a look at our photos and all of gillian's beautiful work here
today we had church at 11. james and i went early to save seats for my parents and youngest sister. today we had a new worship pastor trying things out; it was amazing. i am always so moved by music, as i will hopefully be able to share with you someday, so seeing this young guys passion for God and music was encouraging. i will definitely get involved if i can. 
we ended the night off with some home made pizza and date night, with steve carrell and tina fey. so funny! and there is actually some great advise for couples in there too!
back to work tomorrow! hopefully, in the slow times, i will find something that inspires me for my next post. have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

shrimp, pesto and feta cheesey pizza. 

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