Monday, 25 March 2013

the great wave

after my last post, i got to thinking about my choice of title for this blog: great wave obsessions. i have never really explained this...

anyone who knows me truly, knows that i have an unnatural obsession with katsushika hokusai's epic print, the great wave of kanagawa. it was only recently that i buckled down and thought about why that might be? what is it about this picture that gets to me? in my recent prayer life, i have been asking God to "wreck me." my family and friends are all dumbfounded. who asks for that to happen to them? really. i think it has something to do with this great wave obsession. 

the great wave depicts an enormous wave in japan with mount fuji in the background. tossing perilously in the wave are 2 boats full of men (i always thought of them as monks). today, it dawned on me: maybe i love this painting because of the subtle metaphor; life is full of waves. (click here to read about some)

this desire to be wrecked by the waves of life is a cry to God to stir things up in me. change me, renew me, challenge me. with arms wide open in a sea of waves, i will wait upon the LORD.

   told ya, obsessed

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