Tuesday, 12 March 2013

washington and idaho

last weekend, my lovely fiance and i went to visit his good friend ty. james met ty at bible school in germany. now he's studying the bible some more in spokane, WA. it was a really beautiful, peaceful drive there. iiii got to drive, as my man busted his knee at work a week ago :(
i had never met ty before, but we're friends on facebook and follow each other on instagram and the like :P he's really rad and has a very down to earth mentality that strikes me as awfully christ like. it was good to be around.
on saturday, we drove to cour d' alene. it's a beautiful little lake town. what we didn't know until we were almost there, was that it's in idaho! something you must know about me, i am a places-aholic. one of those weirdos who collect stamps in their passport... well, new states are no exception. i've only ever been down the west coast in the states, so heading a little further east was exciting for me!
we went for a hike around the lake, picnic'd atop a craggy precipice, did some thrifting, got some coffee, and then headed back to spokane.
it was a very simplistic weekend. sometimes it's just nice to get away. you should always make time for little trips. 

 lord of all he surveys
  trying out ty's fish eye lens on my iPhone :P

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